Nancy Rocks
Nancy RocksChiropractor
At an early age, inspired by an active mother and the beauty of the Colorado mountains that surrounded me, I was drawn toward movement, sports, and outdoor activities.

I graduated from the Colorado College in 1979, majoring in mathematics and education. My first career was as a high school math teacher and tennis and volleyball coach, where I learned the value and joy of sharing information with others.

I graduated magna cum laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1990 and began my chiropractic practice in Santa Rosa one year later. In my extensive practice, I have developed a unique style of treatment, using a combination of many different techniques that I have studied and honed over the years.

I have taken many hours of post graduate courses in various chiropractic techniques including Applied Kinesiology, craniosacral therapy, and diversified adjusting. I have also taken classes in exercise therapy, core conditioning, kinesiotaping, and nutrition therapy.

I understand that no two people are alike, so I develop a treatment plan unique to each patient with a goal toward supporting a healthy and balanced life.

I have been competing in various sports since the age of eleven, beginning with tennis and including softball, racquetball, volleyball, running events from 5Ks to marathons, and triathlons. Through these endeavors I have gained an appreciation of aches and pains and injuries (ask me about the turkey vulture!), as well as an understanding of the need to keep one’s body in optimum balance.

I currently enjoy bicycling, running, swimming, yoga, and hiking. When I am not working or working out, my other passions include reading about healthy cooking, cooking healthy, delicious food, and eating said food! I also love to read great fiction, spend time with my family, including my sweet wife, Dean, my three adorable cats, and with my close friends.

I feel a special bond with my patients and I truly appreciate and honor the trust they put in me, and consider it a privilege to help them move toward a more healthy lifestyle.