Nutritional Response Testing

You are a unique individual. Nobody else’s body has exactly the same nutritional and dietary needs as yours. Nutrition Response Testing is a highly precise technique that recognizes this fact and determines exactly what your body needs in order to achieve optimal health.

Nutritional ResponseThe analysis begins with using a simple arm muscle test, utilizing the body’s neurological reflexes. Dr. Rocks will touch various points on your body which relate to the organs and functions in the body. She is also able to determine if there are any stressors that may be preventing your body from utilizing the nutrition you are giving it. These stressors include food sensitivities, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, immune system challenges, and even scars.

Based on the results of this simple testing, Dr. Rocks can then test specific supplements to determine which particular supplements (and the quantity of each supplement) you will need to address your challenges. From this testing, you will receive a specifically designed nutrition program unique to your body’s needs. The supplements we use are high quality, natural, organic whole food supplements. Unlike many, these supplements are sold only by qualified health care practitioners and do not contain synthetic or fractionated components. And because they are made from real, whole foods, they are safe for everyone. Based on the results of the testing, she will also make dietary and lifestyle recommendations that will help in your healing process.

Dr. Rocks can then monitor your body at each follow up session and make the necessary adjustments to your nutritional program as your body begins to heal. Although each case is different, she finds that patients often begin to feel a significant change in their health within 4 to 6 weeks. Of course, the fastest results occur with patients who adhere most closely to their nutritional and dietary program.

If you are ready to address long standing health issues such as digestive, fatigue, or weight issues, or if you want to enhance your health, please call Dr. Rocks to set up a nutrition analysis appointment. We can work together to help you achieve optimal health. Remember, take care of your body, your mind, and your life, because it is the only one you have.