Kinisio tape 1Invented in 1979 by Dr. Kenzo Kase, a Japanese chiropractor, Kinesio or elastic therapeutic taping is a versatile treatment modality that can be used to address a multitude of musculo-skeletal problems. Dr. Kase was looking for a way to facilitate the body’s natural healing process and extend the benefits of manual therapy when he had the inspiration to try taping injured areas.

The special tape used for this work was designed to mimic the thickness, elasticity and porous nature of human skin. The tape is 100% cotton, adhesive, and stretches longitudinally up to 60%. Varying shapes and degrees of stretch are used when applying the tape, depending on the desired effect. The adhesive is applied to the back of the tape in a wavelike pattern and it is heat-activated by rubbing the tape after it is applied. The product can be worn for 3-5 days to prolong the therapeutic effect, and the incidence of skin irritation is low. It supports without restricting motion and is safe for all ages, pediatric to geriatric.

By microscopically lifting the skin away from the deeper layers of tissue, it also facilitates increased circulation and lymphatic drainage. This allows for decreased inflammation by encouraging the removal of waste products that prolong the inflammatory response in injured tissue. By the same mechanism the flow of oxygen-rich blood is increased, speeding the healing process. This lifting of the skin can also decrease pressure on pain receptors beneath it, providing some immediate pain relief.

Kinisio Tape 2The tape also supports and moves the fascia, the connective tissue web that joins all of the structures of the body into cohesive movement systems. The fascia is full of receptors that register pressure, vibration and stretch. The tape can be used to alter unstable movement patterns and reeducate the neuromuscular system.

Benefits of Kinesiotaping include:

  • reduced pain
  • prevention of further injury by supporting injured or inflamed tissues
  • accelerated healing
  • improved athletic performance
  • looks cool

Both Cecelia and Nancy are Certified Kinesiotaping Practitioners (CKTP’s). Their experience has given them great confidence in this modality as a useful adjunct to chiropractic care.