What our clients have said about us

Nancy Rocks has been my trusted chiropractor since 2002. I was in pain, in need of an adjustment, when my sister-in-law referred her to me. I found that her generous half hour gentle message style was much more agreeable to me than my previous chiropractor’s 10 minute quick crunch method.

In addition to chiropractic, Nancy offers a guided Purification Program and Nutrition Testing, a non-invasive approach to healing the good health. I participate in both. Over the years, I have benefited from Nancy’s personal care, expert skills, and professional dedication to her practice. In her care I have achieved optimum health and a feeling of well-being. Thanks Nancy!

When I first started seeing Cecelia, I felt like I could barely walk through the door I was so weak and exhausted. Cecilia always gave me not only the best care, but provided me with exercises and supplements, and most of all encouragement, that was always just the right amount of personal stretch for me. That has helped me become the strong and healthy person I am today. She helped me as I prepared for a through total knee replacement by treatment and advice on strengthen my body and 7 months later I was tromping through the hills of France painting sunflowers, a dream of mine. I attribute much of my current well-being to the support and care Cecelia has given me.
I have been a patient at Summerfield Chiropractic for over eleven years. The doctors – Cecilia Radeski and Nancy Rocks – are both top notch professionals. I was referred to Nancy Rocks by a co-worker for my chronic low back pain. As a 911 dispatcher, I worked under extremely stressful conditions for long hours without the opportunity to move around and stretch. Since retirement I’m more physically active but continue to follow a maintenance program.

Nancy Rocks’ skill is incomparable and only equaled by her warm personality and sincere wish to better your well being. Tricia Morss is the office manager and will help guide you through the business aspects of your chiropractic care. Her competence and demeanor can actually make billing and dealing with insurance companies painless and stress free. If that isn’t magic I don’t know what is. If you choose Summerfield Chiropractic for your chiropractic treatments you will be making one of the smartest and wisest decisions of your life.

Steve Tornquist
I have been a patient of Dr. Nancy Rocks for over 8 years, originally coming to see her for neck stress from working at my computer all day. My husband suggested her to me since he had been seeing her for his migraine headaches, which have since come under control. It didn’t take long to begin to get a handle on my neck stress, nor did it take long to recognize Nancy’s skills and sensitivity to her patients. I trust my body to her completely and know that if she suggests a course of treatment, an exercise, or a masseuse I have no hesitation to follow her directions completely.

Dr. Nancy Rocks is a professional at her work, is sensitive and caring in her bedside manner, and a skillful and gifted chiropractor. I never hesitate to recommend her to family and friends!

Rosa Turner, Santa Rosa CA
I have been in and out of chiropractic care for a good part of 35 years. So needless to say, I’ve experienced all types of doctors and their techniques.

Nancy Rocks is number one in my book! Her work is more than just a job to her. She truly cares about the comfort and well being of her patients. Her way of adjusting you isn’t rough and barbaric like some doctors (you won’t go home with bruises). She will also give you easy stretching and strengthening exercises to do at home to help you get back in shape. Many a time I have gone to Nancy barely able to walk upright because my lower back is in such spasm. After one or sometimes two sessions with Nancy I am good as gold. My biggest problem seems to be me, and that I don’t go in for a “tune-up” adjustment when I feel good. I seem to wait until I have an urgent problem. Maybe I will learn one day to be proactive and get adjustments to prevent major flare-ups.

Tricia, the front office manager is also very delightful and goes the extra mile to help their patients. She is willing to try to squeeze you in if at all possible when you call with an immediate problem. Always very kind and caring, Tricia’s sunny disposition can help lift your spirits even when you aren’t feeling your best. I would recommend this practice to anyone!

Beverly Hinds
I have been a patient at Summerfield Chiropractic ever since they opened, many years ago. What especially impresses me is how warm, attentive, and professional the staff is. My concerns are always listened to with care, and the treatment I receive never fails to address the issue. They have helped me to continue playing competitive softball into my sixtieth year! When I have had an injury that was time sensitive for optimum treatment, they always worked to get me in quickly for an appointment. I would never go to any other chiropractic office!
Ann Sacksteder
I began seeing Cecilia Radeski about six months ago, for a chronic pain issue (L4/5 nerve-root irritation) which my prior chiropractor was unable to address. I was impressed by how thorough Cecilia’s initial interview and treatment were. My pain level decreased almost immediately.

I have continued regular appointments with Cecilia because of her “wholistic” approach to structural health. I was also inspired to do a 21-day Standard Process cleanse that is offered through the office. Now almost 2 months later, I’ve maintained a shift in my dietary patterns which is serving my health on many levels. I am so grateful to Summerfield Chiropractic. Thank you Cecilia and Tricia!

Fran C.
Thankfully, after 17 years of recurring and intermittent back problems, Summerfield Chiropractic became my salvation 18 months ago!

Before this I was living in fear of the next painful blow-out of my lower back. Not only did Dr. Radeski attend to my physical pain, but her kindness and concern eased the emotional distress that accompanied it. Regular adjustments also helped me avoid more serious problems. Significant relief and helpful information have given me great confidence in her experience, education and training. Now, with ongoing home exercises and periodic tune-ups, I feel like a new chapter in my life has begun!

Granny T., Sebastopol CA
I’ve been going to Nancy Rocks regularly for almost 20 years. I love that she always listens to my input about what’s going on with my body and tailors my treatment accordingly. I never feel pressured to come back more often than I can afford and always feel better when I leave. I never feel rushed and always feel cared for. Thanks to the whole team at Summerfield Chiropractic for keeping me on my feet!
Lyn Riley
I have been a patient since 1994 when I was rear-ended by a large pick-up truck and sustained serious injury to the soft tissues surrounding my neck and spine. At my first appointment, Dr. Radeski took time to get a complete picture of the trauma and a history of prior health issues that could affect my back. She explained the treatment and healing processes and answered all my questions. Today she educates me about exercises and fitness training to maintain my back strength.

I consider Summerfield Chiropractic a partner in my health.

Ann McGinley
As someone who takes a proactive role in maintaining my health, I appreciate the wealth of support available at Summerfield Chiropractic.

Because of her extensive medical knowledge and expertise, I consult Dr. Radeski on a wide range of health issues. Having two personable doctors makes it easy to be seen in case of emergency, and both Dr. Radeski and Dr. Rocks work brilliantly as a team. Tricia the office manager is exemplary in her competence, efficient, gracious and always sensitive to patient needs.

High quality nutritional supplements are available right in the office, as are other therapeutic supplies (no need to go searching for an exercise band or neck pillow). I appreciate that total attention is given to my concerns—my appointments are never rushed.

I first came to Summerfield Chiropractic in pain. I continue seeing them in excellent health thanks to their expertise, their focus on prevention, and their thoughtful care.

Linda Webster