Cecelia KneeWhen you think of chiropractic care you probably think of treatment for back or neck pain. However the principles of Chiropractic apply to other joints as well. We work with injuries and imbalances affecting many non-spinal areas. Overuse injuries of the elbows, like tennis elbow, and of the shoulders, like impingement syndrome, typically respond well to our methods of treatment.

Knee ExtremetiesChiropractic can also be helpful for problems with hips, knees, feet and TMJ. We perform gentle manipulations on targeted joints to improve alignment and range of motion. Adjustments can be done manually or using instruments like the Activator or Impulse adjusting tools. We also treat the muscles that surround and move a joint, as well as the fascia that supports it. These treatments may include ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation, deep massage and nutritional recommendations. Kinesiotaping is another modality we frequently use with care for non-spinal joints. The tape helps to provide support during healing and is useful in retraining abnormal motion patterns. Stretches and exercises can assist in rehabilitation.

Kinesio TapeSometimes a joint or muscle becomes injured due to problems in another area. An instability or an imbalance anywhere in the body can change the way we move, creating abnormal stress on other joints. Pronation of the ankles contributes to plantar fasciitis and to knee strain. Knee pain can be caused by weakness of the hip muscles or by rotation of the pelvis at the sacroiliac joint. Shoulder pain and limitation of shoulder movement can be caused by habitually carrying the head too far forward relative to the torso. Everything really is interconnected!

With chiropractic treatment we look at the structural relationships between different segments of the spine. We can also identify larger patterns of distortion in the musculo-skeletal system. Because these imbalances can cause increased stress and therefore wear and tear on joints, chiropractic treatment can help slow overall degenerative change in the body. This effect makes Chiropractic care a useful support for healthy aging. Even a chronically painful joint can be improved by decreasing the bio-mechanical stress caused by the body being out of alignment.