Sports Injuries

ExerciseThere is an old saying in sports medicine: The good news is you exercise… The bad news is you exercise…

Though being active is essential for good health (and it’s fun), there can be physical costs. Participating in sports, exercise programs, or physical exertion of any kind sometimes causes injuries to joints and muscles.

Chiropractic treatment is a valuable adjunct to healing virtually any sports injury. Improving mobility and balance in the spine, and the body as a whole, assists healing in all kinds of musculo-skeletal injuries. Did you know that chiropractic manipulative therapy is not just for the spine? We adjust knees, hips and shoulders, as well as considering the relationships between joints.

Various manual therapies are employed to support and realign injured joints and muscles. Kinesio or Rocktape flexible taping may be used to provide additional support. Usually there are specific stretches and exercises we can recommend to improve muscle balance and strength. This is important both to assist healing and to prevent re-injury.

ChiropracticIf you’re an athlete, there are many benefits to including chiropractic care in your health maintenance program. A body in balance is more flexible and resilient, thus far more likely to perform optimally. Sports injuries are often just bad luck, but they can occur because of underlying imbalances in an athlete’s body that cause increased stress on tissues. Chiropractic treatment helps to identify and correct many of these subtle asymmetries.

Another frequent cause of sports injuries is poor strength in the core muscles of the abdomen and back. This system of muscles is designed to stabilize the spine. Shoulders, arms, hips and legs all need this stable core as a platform from which to work. This is true regardless of your sport. If underlying asymmetries or destabilized core muscles have compromised your performance, a simple routine of core strengthening exercises can decrease your risk of injury.

Chiropractic care is beneficial for athletes in all sports—even channel-surfing!