Wellness Care

Foam RollYou don’t have to have an injury to benefit from chiropractic care. You don’t even have to have pain. Chiropractic treatment improves the way the body functions by enhancing mobility and balance in the musculo-skeletal system. Because improved bio-mechanics allow the body to move more fluidly and comfortably, there may be less wear and tear on joints that are in better alignment. This is significant for healthy aging. Besides preventing injury, logically better bio-mechanics enhance athletic performance. The balancing benefits of chiropractic adjustments can also increase your energy level and lead to a general feeling of well-being.

In addition to balancing the body with chiropractic adjustments, we may be able to recommend helpful stretches, exercises, and postural corrections. We encourage you to pay attention to your body. A little work now can prevent a minor imbalance from becoming a larger problem later on. Our bodies are scrapbooks with entries written by our lives. All our little injuries, insults and habits leave their mark on our bodies and cause wear and tear. Targeted exercise and supportive bodywork, combined with good nutrition, work to minimize the cumulative damage.

SupplementsAnother way we support wellness in our office is by offering nutritional supplements. If you’re interested in adding nutritional supplementation to your health maintenance regimen you’re in luck. In our nutritional consultations we make specific recommendations based on your individual history and overall health status. If you already take vitamins we offer high quality supplements including Standard Process whole food, phytonutrient products. Twice a year, in January and June, we offer a group detoxification plan using the Standard Process line and specific dietary protocols. This is a guided three-week program aimed at detoxifying the body, balancing blood sugar, and establishing healthier eating habits. This program gives you a structured plan to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Chiropractic maintenance and preventative care can be an excellent addition to your wellness regimen.